What We Offer

At Spartan Property Pros, We are a local start-up business. We specifically specialize in High Quality Exterior / Interior Cleaning. We are a Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly company. We have invested money into better Technologies, more efficient and time saving methods.

The reason we are committed to safety is the reason we have WorkSafe BC. The part of our company that realizes Safety is a huge concern and Liability to the homeowner. The standards of WorkSafe BC is to be harnased onto the property on anything above 10 FT. The workers that we have as well as ourselves are all Fall Protection Certified.

Exterior Window Wash

We use a different method then most companies as we use a nontraditional way to the industry for window cleaning. The companies you see using Chemical and Squeegeeing the windows is the first mistake they are doing. It does leave a nice clean finished look but the one thing people don’t understand is that when you apply chemicals on the windows that the ammonia and bleach are actually damaging your seals and frames. The other major issue is the window appears clean but it leaves a film/residue on the window which actually leaves an agent for the windows to get dirty immediately. We like to see our clients get a wash and they stay clean for the entire year – Call us to understand the Spartan Way!

Exterior Siding Cleaning

We DO NOT Pressure Wash Houses. This is the most common conception about cleaning a house that everyone thinks you can just pressure wash, but you do not realize the dangers of this towards the other parts of your home and the Liability that you are causing yourself. The number 1 thing about pressure washing Vinyl…You Weaken the Durability of it. You can crack it when that happens you expose your vapor barriers in your walls and that can mold which is Thousands of dollars in repair. If you are washing the vinyl siding and expose the soffits above to a large amount of water or pressure you can displace the soffits which then you have to replace the entire side and tracking as the interlock, and you can also cause molding. The reason that the molding can start is because there is no direct way of drying the areas. As well you can not properly clean it because you can’t get hands on. Call us to understand the Spartan Way!

Outside Gutter Cleaning

We DO NOT Pressure Wash or get on a ladder and scrub the outside of gutters with cloths off of your roof like most companies. This is also a very common problem of people cleaning exterior gutters with pressure washers and causing major damage to fascia board as well as damage to the exterior seal and angles on some gutters. We love the fact that we have found Safe, Easy, Time Saving ways of helping you keep on top of the black mold and algae on the outside of your gutters. Call us to understand the Spartan Way!

Inside Gutter Cleaning

We DO NOT clean them by hand and make a mess. We have found and invested money in expensive equipment to bring a better and safer way to clean gutters. Why work off a ladder with a heavy bag or try and carry that bag down a big ladder? It’s Dangerous and Something no one should do. The reason we get called out for gutter cleaning and we are busy all year round is because even in the dangerous rainy season we don’t even have to get up a ladder or work off the roof! There’s one more great thing… If we are working on the roof we are Harnessed and Fall Protected with 2 Million Independent Insurance. We can also take pictures to show you the work completed before you pay! Call us to understand the Spartan Way!

Moss Removal

There is only 1 way in the lower mainland to properly clean a roof and unfortunately companies have found ways around it but do not know the dangers of what can happen to your roof. First of all – DO NOT Pressure wash your roofs. The Dangers of this begin with Life Expectancy of your roof being shaved off. The results of pressure washing Asphalt Shingles is 5 years reduced off the lifetime span and that’s thousands of dollars to repair if damaged as well. The results of pressure washing Concrete Tile and Spanish Tiles is that they are not set and glued but interlocked with the weight of the following tile and they are only manufactured in the U.S.A. If tiles are broken they can not be replaced at less then 1000’s. We do a hands on approach and we would love to show you as well explain how we extend the lifetime of the shingles and keep them clean! Call us to understand the Spartan Way!